Pow Hill Country Park is one of the main places to head to when visiting Derwent Reservoir. Here's a 360 degree interactive panorama to help plan your visit.

Derwent Reservoir has become a popular visitor destination since its construction finished in 1967, for everyone from families out for a walk through to sailing enthusiasts.

There are a variety of places on each side of Derwent Reservoir that you can drive to for a day out, each offering different facilities and being better for different activities.

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At Pow Hill Country Park, not only have you got free car parking but there is also a cafe - the Boat Shack Cafe. There is also easy access to the excellent walk on well maintained paths around Derwent Reservoir. Pow Hill wildlife includes red squirrels and some unusual plantlife thanks to the Pow Hill Bog and Pow Hill Heath.

But what does Pow Hill look like, and what's the car parking that's on offer? How far is Pow Hill from the water of Derwent Reservoir? ExplorAR headed down to Pow Hill and shot an interactive 360 panoramic image so that you can take a look around. Use your finger or mouse to spin the image around:

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The word Pow comes from Old English and means ‘slow moving stream’, which refers to a waterlogged boggy area at the site.

It's this 'waterlogged, boggy area' that provides Pow Hill Country Park with one of its key draws: the bog contains specialised plants such as bog asphodel, bog bean, cotton grass, ragged robin and marsh thistle, and has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).