The Durham Cathedral building work has been going on outside the main entrance for some time, with metal barriers around the big wooden north door. When will things be back to normal?

The Durham Cathedral building work is part of some major changes to the entrance to improve accessibility as well as protect the stonework and give better views of the Durham Cathedral interior as visitors enter.

The Durham Cathedral building work is due to finish by May 2019.

When it's finished, the improvements will include new internal lobbies at both the north and south doors of Durham Cathedral. The old wooden entrance ways that have served for a long time will be removed, and will be replaced by taller glass lobbies.

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These new glass lobbies will have several benefits:

The Durham Cathedral glass lobbies will improve access: not only will there be a large central door to the lobby which will allow the wooden outer doors to open fully, but the lobbies will also have side pass doors, improving access for wheelchair users, as well as pushchairs and anyone who has trouble using steps.

The Durham Cathedral glass lobbies will improve visibility: by taking away the wooden structures, visitors will be able to look through the main north door and see right through to the far side as they approach, meaning they will be able to even see the cloisters and the entrance to Open Treasure on the far side of the cathedral.

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Not only that, but removing the wooden lobbies will expose more Norman stonework that has previously been covered up.

The new lobbies will also help prevent heat loss, as well as protecting the historic 12th Century stonework.

When the new glass lobbies are finished and the metal hoardings are taken down, ExplorAR will head down and take some pictures to see how the new Durham Cathedral lobby looks.

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