Durham Lumiere tickets are the best way to ensure you get to see everything going on. Here's when they're available.

Although the festival is free and tickets aren't required, the Durham Lumiere tickets are useful because they give you access to exclusive time slots where a ticket is necessary. Durham Lumiere is always very busy and 2019 will be no exception, so having access at a slightly quieter time is useful.

When they become available, you'll need to be fairly quick, as the Durham Lumiere tickets go pretty fast once they're released!

So when do Durham Lumiere 2019 tickets get released?

Durham Lumiere tickets go on sale on Monday, October 28.

How much do Durham Lumiere 2019 tickets cost?

Durham Lumiere tickets are free.

Where can I get Durham Lumiere 2019 tickets?

The tickets will be available from the Lumiere website at lumiere-festival.com, as well as in person from the Gala Theatre, and Durham County Council libraries and leisure centres.

You can also check out more information on our Durham Lumiere dates and time information page, details on how to become a Durham Lumiere Festival Maker volunteer, and information on some free Durham Lumiere art workshops where you can make some work for display at the event.

Durham Lumiere 2019 tickets will be released at the end of October
Durham Lumiere 2019 tickets will be released at the end of October
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Run by events company Artichoke, Durham Lumiere is biennial - once every two years. It was originally going to be a one-off event all the way back in 2009, but it proved to be so popular that organisers decided that Durham Lumiere would become a regular fixture in the Durham events calendar.

Durham Lumiere attracts world class artworks, such as Pablo Valbuena’s Methods and Adam Frelin’s White Line. From its roots in Durham, Lumiere has also now travelled to several other UK cities, including London and Lumiere Derry~Londonderry in 2013.

As a special way to mark the fact that it is the 10th anniversary of Durham Lumiere, the event will see several of the most popular light-based artworks return to the city.

Of course, a number of Lumiere artworks have already become permanent fixtures in Durham city, including the illuminated Durham Lumiere heron that is now permanently perched above the Wear, lit up at night.

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