Streets of Brass, the Durham Brass Festival street music event, will take place over the last weekend with 14 different bands performing.

The locations, times and band lineup have now been released for the Durham Streets of Brass. Taking place over two days and six locations, it is a key part of the Durham Brass Festival when bands take to the streets and play brass music in informal concerts around the city.

There will also be the Big BRASS Party on the Saturday evening, from 6-9pm in Wharton Park, when the street bands will head to the auditorium. All the Streets of Brass concerts are free to attend.

When is the Durham Streets of Brass event?

The Durham Brass Festival Streets of Brass event takes place over the final weekend of the 10 day festival, on Saturday and Sunday July 20-21, from 11am t0 5pm.

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Where are the Streets of Brass locations?

It all happens in Durham city centre, in six locations: Durham Marketplace, Millennium Place (the square near the Gala Theatre), near Whisky River and Boat Club bars, Prince Bishops shopping precinct, the Riverwalk (the new area near Framwellgate Bridge), and Fowlers Yard (just off Silver Street).

What are the Streets of Brass times and schedule?

The Streets of Brass lineup is:

Streets of Brass 2019 schedule Saturday July 20

Time Marketplace Millennium Place Whisky River/Boat Club Prince Bishops Riverwalk Fowlers Yard
11am Loud Noises Hannabiel
11.40am Break Out Brass Back Chat Brass Artistas del Gremio King Brasstards Bring your Own
12.20pm Mr Wilson Oompah Loud Noises Louisiana FB Goat Stew
1pm Back Chat Brass Bring your Own King Brasstards Hannabiel Break Out Brass
1.40pm Oompah Artistas del Gremio Mr Wilson Loud Noises Goat Stew Louisiana FB
2.20pm King Brasstards Break Out Brass Back Chat Brass Hannabiel Bring your Own
3pm Artistas del Gremio Mr Wilson Oompah Louisiana FB Loud Noises
3.40pm Bring your Own Hannabiel Break Out Brass Goat Stew
4.20pm Back Chat Brass Louisiana FB King Brasstards Oompah

Streets of Brass 2019 schedule Sunday July 21

Time Marketplace Millennium Place Whisky River/Boat Club Prince Bishops Riverwalk
11am Artistas del Gremio Louisiana FB
11.40am King Brasstards Break Out Brass Hannabiel Bring your Own Goat Stew
12.20pm Loud Noises Artistas del Gremio Oompah Circus Brothers Louisiana FB
1pm Bring your Own King Brasstards Mr Wilson Goat Stew Hannabiel
1.40pm Oompah Circus Brothers Artistas del Gremio Break Out Brass Loud Noises
2.20pm Mr Wilson Bring your Own King Brasstards Goat Stew
3pm Break Out Brass Oompah Loud Noises Circus Brothers
3.40pm Artistas del Gremio Mr Wilson Hannabiel Bring your Own King Brasstards
4.20pm Oompah British Trombone
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Who are the Streets of Brass bands for 2019?

The 14 Streets of Brass bands are:

Mr Wilson's Second Liners: Regular favourites of the Durham Brass Festival, they play 90s club classics.

Back Chat Brass: Playing classic tunes with exciting showmanship, this is their third year at Durham Brass Festival.

Oompah Brass: Oompah Brass call themselves the UK's original rock and roll oompah band, and play AC/DC, Queen, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Artistas Del Gremio: Bring some Spanish flair and lively performances to Durham Brass Festival.

Louisiana Funky Butts Brass Band: This German band play Afrobeats, Latin Grooves, French Pop, Southern Rock, Cajun, club sounds and traditional second-line jazz.

Breakout Brass: This all-female street band play familiar tunes with a New Orleans style.

Bring Your Own Brass: This is the 11-piece band's first appearance at Durham Brass Festival. They play hip hop beats, heavy riffs and dance floor grooves.

Reel Brass: They play a mix of traditional ceilidh tunes with pumping New Orleans brass arrangements, with instruments including a sousaphone bass line, guitar, accordion, pipes and horns.

Loud Noises: Loud Noises mix contemporary brass music and high-octane dance.

Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band: The Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band are a celebration of a vibrant and colourful lifestyle, playing music that reflects the Rajasthan region.

Hannabiell and Midnight Blue: Hannabiell and Midnight Blue fuse Afro-Caribbean and Latin percussion, jazz, Afro-beat, funk and reggae.

The Circus Brothers: This Czech band play fast disco Balkan music combining Balkan brass band, disco beats, pop, house, rap and folk.

King Brasstards: A seven-piece outfit inspired by New Orleans music, playing everything from modern pop hits to soulful music on sousaphone, percussion, marching-style snare drummer and four horns.

The Goat Stew Orchestra: With musicians from the UK and Cuba, the Goat Stew Orchestra play roots ska, afro-beat, Latin soul and funk.

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