Will you be walking the historic St Cuthbert's Procession in 2020? Here's the date, start time and location.

The St Cuthbert Procession is probably the highlight of a festival celebrating the life of Durham's most important saint. Beginning in Chester le Street and winding its way to Durham Marketplace and then Durham Cathedral, the symbolic walk takes place each year.

As it approaches Durham, many more people join the St Cuthbert Procession and musicians lead the pilgrimage from the marketplace up to Durham Cathedral.

What time does the St Cuthbert Procession start?

The St Cuthbert pilgrimage walk begins at 10.30am on Saturday March 21. Organised by the Northumbrian Association, it sets off from outside St Mary and St Cuthbert's Church, Chester-le-Street.

On arriving at Durham Cathedral, pilgrims are invited to the Pilgrimage Sung Eucharist in honour of St Cuthbert that starts at 4pm.

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Do I need a ticket to join the St Cuthbert walk?

Yes, but they're free. You can book a ticket to walk either the whole distance or just from Finchale Abbey. Head to durhamcathedral.co.uk/whats-on/st-cuthbert-pilgrimage

Children are welcome to go along on the St Cuthbert Procession, but organisers are asking parents to consider whether their children will be up to walking the route given that it is quite a distance.

What does the St Cuthbert Procession symbolise?

It follows a historic pilgrimage route symbolising the arrival of St Cuthbert's body, and covers eight miles.

St Cuthbert has great importance for much of northern England, but in particular for Durham. Although St Cuthbert is seen as the patron saint for the ancient kingdom of Northumbria and still has many associations with the modern region it since became, it is Durham where St Cuthbert is buried, and St Cuthbert's shrine in Durham Cathedral is a focal point both for visitors and for cathedral services.