The Durham Miners Gala weather makes a big difference to the day - so what's the forecast like for the Big Meeting 2019?

We've enjoyed hot sunshine for the last couple of years at the Big Meeting. And while everyone will still enjoy the day whatever the weather, the Durham Miners Gala forecast makes a difference.

From standing outside listening to the bands in Durham Marketplace and down at the County Hotel, to lying out on the grass on the Racecourse enjoying a picnic and watching the speakers on the stage, there are some things that are just better when it's sunny.

So, we've got our fingers and toes crossed...what's the Durham Miners Gala weather forecast like for 2019?

What's the Durham Miners Gala weather forecast?

Well, it's not great news. But it's not necessarily terrible either. It doesn't look like our luck has held for the Big Meeting 2019, with showers predicted for the afternoon of Saturday July 13.

Durham Miners Gala forecast: The only conclusion to draw about the weather is that we'll have some rain at some point

However, how bad it's going to be depends on who you listen to.

According to, the day starts off not too badly, with broken cloud first thing in the morning. But as soon as the morning is over we're due for some rain, from noon onwards. The rain is then set for the rest of the day, and although it doesn't look too heavy the showers are expected to carry on into the evening.

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The BBC, however, expects a brief shower at 10am and again at 3-6pm, but says that otherwise the day will be dry.

The Met Office Durham Miners Gala weather forecast is slightly different, expecting a largely dry day except for a two to three hour rain shower from about 2pm.

Accuweather is even more optimistic, predicting that the whole day will just be partly cloudy with the only shower at 2pm.

On the plus side, although it's not going to be really hot, they all agree that the day won't be freezing cold, with the temperature due to get up to 18 degrees by the afternoon, which is almost worthy of a summer's day.

So about four different Durham Miners Gala weather predictions from four different sources. The only conclusion to draw is that we'll have some rain in the afternoon - but other than that, you may as well stick your hand out of the window and check for raindrops.

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