Durham Miners Gala times can be difficult to pin down with so much going on during the day, but here are the timings we know so far for the Big Meeting 2019.

With a wide variety of events taking place in different locations across the city, knowing Durham Miners Gala timings for key events is really important for making the most of the day.

And with large crowds expected for Durham Miners Gala 2019 just like in previous years, it could be difficult to get about even though you know where to go and when.

A lot of the activities and events are a movable feast with exact times shifting depending on what happens during the day. However, these are some of the rough Durham Miners Gala times.

Durham Miners Gala time #1: road closures

Roads closed for Durham Miners Gala will affect much of the city centre and will begin at 6am on the day of the Big Meeting. Some roads in the villages surrounding Durham will close the evening before to allow for community banner parades too. You can read more about the times in our Durham Miners Gala road closures piece.

Durham Miners Gala time #2: start time

Of all the Durham Miners Gala timings, this is probably the most important! The Durham Miners Gala start time is roughly 8.30am. This is when the bands and banners that have gathered in the Durham Marketplace begin making their way across Elvet Bridge to play in front of the County Hotel and then onwards to the Racecourse.

You can, of course, get there earlier to hear the bands playing before they set off; however, you should have plenty of time because the procession moves quite slowly and bands take it in turns to play a tune while they're waiting.

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Durham Miners Gala time #3: speeches

The Big Meeting speeches take place down on the Racecourse after most of the bands have made their way past the County Hotel for the dignitaries, which can take three or four hours. The chairman will take to the stage and officially open the meeting at about 1pm, and the speakers will take to the stage after that.

You can find out more about who's speaking in our Durham Miners Gala speakers story.

Durham Miners Gala time #4: cathedral procession

Every year, there is a Durham Cathedral Miners Gala service, which is a highlight of the Big Meeting. The Durham Miners Gala cathedral service involves both a cathedral banner procession and a service, where new pit and union banners are blessed.

The Durham Miners Gala cathedral procession starts at 2.30pm, and the Miners Gala service starts at 3pm. However, the Durham Cathedral service is always at full capacity, so organisers recommend getting there with plenty of time to spare.

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