The Durham Miners Gala speakers are a big part of the Big Meeting and a large crowd always gathers to hear what they have to say. Here's who's speaking at the 2019 event.

The Durham Miners Gala speakers take to the stage on the Racecourse once the bands have made their way past the County Hotel and set up their banners on the grass. You can see the key Durham Miners Gala times here.

Last year saw an improved sound system, new stage and giant video screen, introduced to ensure that the 50,000 people who headed to the Durham Racecourse Ground were able to hear the Big Meeting speakers. There's now a fundraising campaign to help with Big Meeting costs.

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The Durham Miners Gala takes place on Saturday July 13, and the Durham Miners Gala speakers will be on at 1pm. Here's the full list of who will be on stage.

Durham Miners Gala speakers list

The Durham Miners Gala speakers are:

Jeremy Corbyn MP: Leader of the Opposition

Rebecca Long Bailey MP: Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Laura Pidcock MP: Shadow Minister for Labour

Len McCluskey: General Secretary of Unite the union

Shami Chakrabarti: Shadow Attorney General

Dave Prentis: General Secretary of UNISON

Dave Ward: General Secretary of the The Communications Union

Kevin Courtney: Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union

Doug Nicholls: General Secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions

Meanwhile, Ken Loach will be speaking at the Durham Miners Gala Durham Cathedral service.

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Durham Miners Association secretary Alan Mardghum, who will chair Durham Miners Gala for the first time, said: "In our 150th year, the platform reflects and reaffirms the founding principles of the Big Meeting. As our predecessors at the DMA put it: 'the essential of the day is the renewal of our pledge to the cause of trades unionism'.

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"As at the first Gala, our speakers are all drawn from the labour and trade union movement. Each carries on the cause on which we were founded - socialism. We look forward to welcoming our speakers - and our other 200,000 guests - to Durham on the second Saturday in July."

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Feature image credit: Rwendland on Wiki Commons via CC BY-SA 4.0