The Durham Miners Gala banners are the most iconic sight of the annual Big Meeting - and now you can look through 50 pictures of them.

We've got six picture galleries of the Durham Miners Gala banners that took part in the 2019 Big Meeting, totalling 50 images in all. They cover a wide variety of organisations and places, and some pictures show the front and back of the same banners.

The Durham Miners Gala banners made their way through the city centre on Saturday July 13 2019 for the 135th annual Big Meeting. Gathering in the Durham Marketplace as well as several other starting points around the city, the banners took the traditional route to converge on the County Hotel.

You can get a flavour of the atmosphere of the day in our Durham Miners Gala pictures.

The first Durham Miners Gala banner picture gallery has the Chopwell Lodge banner; New Brancepeth Lodge banner; Lumley sixth pit Lodge banner; Kibblesworth Lodge banner; Thornley Lodge banner; Silksworth Lodge banner; Houghton Lodge banner; Lambton Lodge banner; and the Wheatley Hill Lodge banner.

Ten of thousands of people turned out to line the parade route and watch the banners pass.

Taking it in turns, the banners - each led by a brass band - stopped in front of the Royal County Hotel on Old Elvet to show the banner to the dignitaries stood on the hotel balcony, while the brass bands played their party piece to cheers from the massed crowds.

The music included everything from slower paced pieces such as Gresford, the miners hymn, through to brass arrangements of popular tunes such as Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline and Tom Jones' Delilah.

Our second Durham Miners Gala banner picture gallery shows the Eppleton Lodge banner for Jane Shaft; West Rainton Primary School banner; Sheffield Heeley constituency Labour Party banner; Lea Hall Lodge banner from the NUM Midlands area; Boldon Lodge banner; East Hetton Miners Lodge Kelloe banner; Wingate Lodge banner; Washington F Pit Lodge banner; and the Deaf Hill Lodge banner, which shows the Conishead Priory Convalescent Home for Durham Mine Workers.

Starting from the traditional pit banners from decades ago, over the years the variety of Durham Miners Gala banners has increased. These days they include union banners from many of the UK's biggest organisations, as well as banners from some Labour Party groups from around the country.

There were even some banners from schools, such as the West Rainton Primary School banner.

Our third Durham Miners Gala banner picture gallery shows the Usworth Lodge banner; Quarrington Hill Lodge banner; Esh Winning Lodge banner; Eppleton Miners Wives Support Group banner; Heworth Lodge banner; Bowburn Lodge banner; Follonsby Lodge banner; Springwell Lodge banner; and the Washington Glebe Lodge banner.

Stephen Guy, executive member for Durham Miners Association, said: "It's vitally important that we keep the Durham Miners Gala going because its part of the social fabric of our mining communities.

"It's been here for 150 years and with the dedication and leadership of the Durham Miners Association and the backing of the communities we're hopeful that it'll continue for another 100 at least."

This year also saw three new banners, which were blessed at the annual Durham Cathedral Miners Gala procession and service which takes place on the afternoon of the Big Meeting day.

Take a look at our Durham Miners Gala cathedral service pictures.

Our fourth Durham Miners Gala banner picture gallery shows the Women in County Durham banner; Fire Brigades Union banner Scottish Region; Fire Brigades Union London Region banner; Fire Brigades Union Northern Ireland banner; Fire Brigade Union banner Midlands Region; Westoe Lodge banner; South Shields St Hilda Colliery banner; Tursdale Mechanics banner; and the Bowburn and Parkhill banner.

At this year's Durham Cathedral Miners Gala service, the film director Ken Loach also gave a reading, from Mark 11.

This year it was the turn of three new banners created for the 2019 cathedral event: the Durham Miners Association banner, the Horden banner and the Blackhall banner.

Our fifth Durham Miners Gala banner picture gallery shows Harraton Lodge Cotia Pit banner; the front and back of the Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers banner North Eastern division; Mainsforth Lodge banner; the other side of the Quarrington Hill Lodge banner; the front and back of the new Horden Lodge banner; the Burnhope Lodge banner; and the Durham Aged Mineworkers Homes Association banner.

The new Durham Miners Association banner was created to commemorate the organisation's 150th anniversary.

The bands also played during the service, including the miners' hymn, Gresford. The three bands chosen for 2019 were the Durham Miners Association band, the Rossendale Scout band, and the North Skelton band.

Our sixth and final Durham Miners Gala banner picture gallery shows the new Blackhall Lodge banner; the other side of the Durham Miners Association banner; the Communication Workers Union (CWU) banner Cleveland Amalgamated Branch; the other side of the Burnhope Lodge banner; and the NUM banner Yorkshire Area.

The Durham Cathedral Miners Gala service began with the Dean welcoming the congregation to the service and, after a hymn, the representatives of the three banner parties asked on behalf of their community for their banner to be blessed.

Meanwhile, down at the Racecourse the speeches commenced in front of a large crowd, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who appeared on the balcony of the Royal County Hotel before heading down to the Racecourse and speaking to the crowds - the fourth year in a row he has appeared at Durham Miners Gala.

The rain was predicted to sweep across the city in time for the 2019 Durham Miners Gala - potentially even in the morning - thankfully didn't materialise until later in the day, and even then it was only a light shower.