The Durham Brass Festival secret gig is one of the big highlights of the 2019 event - here's the information you need if you want to go.

While the whole of the festival is packed with exciting gigs and events, the Durham Brass Festival secret concert is one that will intrigue lots of visitors. So what's it all about?

What is the Durham Brass Festival secret gig?

The secret concert is exactly that: some of the details are hidden until you've actually booked tickets. Only the date, time and the band are known; the location is kept secret and is only revealed if you contact a special number once you've purchase tickets.

The secret concert is called Promised Land, and will take place in a central Durham location.

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When is it?

The Durham Brass Festival secret gig takes place on Friday July 12, with the DJ from 8pm, and the dance at 9pm.

What bands are playing at the Durham Brass Festival secret gig?

This we do know. The ever-popular Mr Wilson's Second Liners will be playing the secret concert. Their name is a combination of Manchester music promoter Tony Wilson and the New Orleans music tradition of second lining, and their music is a combination as well: energetic brass arrangements of dance, rave and 90s club classics that it's difficult not to dance to.

Promised Land will be a secret rave experience.

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How do I buy Durham Brass Festival secret gig tickets?

Tickets cost £18 from the booking page.

Once you've bought a ticket, you'll be given a number for the official 'party line'. Contact it and the location for the secret gig will be revealed to you. It will be a location in central Durham, and there will also be food and drink on offer to buy at the gig. If you need more information or have access queries you can email

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