Durham Adventure Festival is back for 2019 after a successful event last year. Here's what you need to know.

Durham Adventure Festival started in 2018 as an event to celebrate everything that is great about the outdoors. Thanks to the increasing popularity of outdoor activities such as climbing, wild swimming and mountain biking, and with top speakers from the world of adventure such as climbers and explorers, Durham Adventure Festival struck a chord with adventure enthusiasts across County Durham and further afield around the North East. And now it's back in 2019, with a new lineup of top speakers and more activities than last year.

So what can you expect from Durham Adventure Festival 2019? Here's a rundown of the key information you need.

When is Durham Adventure Festival?

It takes place across three days in April, 26-28 2019.

And where does it take place?

At Durham's Gala Theatre, and the climbing wall is outside in Millennium Square.

So what are the Durham Adventure Festival events?

There's a variety of Durham Adventure Festival events. The main attraction is probably the speakers, as some famous names from the worlds of adventuring and exploration come to speak. As well as the key speakers, there are also adventure talks and a series of films around different subjects.

There will also be pop-up activities each day. If you're going along to Durham Adventure Festival, then first get the day's activity schedule by heading to the 'base camp' at the Gala Theatre which, as the name suggests, is set up to resemble a climbing base camp.

Who are the Durham Adventure Festival speakers?

Some big names, including Sir Chris Bonington, Shauna Coxsey and Leo Houlding.

What are the Durham Adventure Festival films about?

The Durham Adventure Festival films are based around several related subjects, such as inspiring stories of adventure, biking, trail running, and the friendship among adventurers.

And what else is there besides the speakers and films?

There'll be a climbing wall set up outside the Gala Theatre in Millennium Square, and most probably a photography exhibition too. Last year there was also a slack line walker who performed above the audience in the theatre.

There will also be popup events happening around the 'base camp' in the Gala Theatre - we'll let you know what they are as soon as they're announced.

How much do Durham Adventure Festival tickets cost?

Durham Adventure Festival ticket prices vary depending on the event, but as a guide, Sir Chris Bonington talk tickets are £20, and Leo Houlding tickets are £16.

There are also a couple of Durham Adventure Festival ticket deals. The film pass costs £20 and lets you see all five film packages. Also, if you book any speaker event (Chris Bonington, Leo Houlding, Shauna Coxsey or Ed Stafford) you can save £6 when booking an adventure talk session (Jenny Graham, Ash Bhardwaj/Jenny Tough or Jason Mallinson/Laura Bingham).